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Linggo, Oktubre 14, 2012

My niece's 1st birthday <3

We're blessed for having Bimbi. she'll always be our baby. <3 
we have the same birthday pa. yeys! 

yeah! isn't she lovely? :) cutieeee princess! <3

irritated on her wings. lol. baby Dawn with her daddy Kim

kyaaaah~! she somehow lost her energy. :D
cute teeth! <3

Stolen :D

yeah! its mah birthday! :D



muusshi musshi! such a cutie <3

Candle blowing.

say aaaah~

mommy,me,bro,babydawn and ate Jelly

Cess and Jhin

tito Jeng,Deb and tita Choret

she was curious on my necklace. lol. 

when you're old enough, i'll buy you like this Dawn. :D

bro and me.

why so happy mom? hahah.

hey man! do i know you?
"i'm your lolo!"

Kyle and me


no malice huh! they're just kids. :)

Kagulooooooooo! :D

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