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Sabado, Disyembre 22, 2012

Style is Eternal

A fun fun fun shoot day with my friend Justine. And yeah! just the two of us, 
so we were like, "Oh you're done, my turn!"

HAHAHAHAH! I'll post pictures of her tomorrow :)

Top: Old rose polkadots polo,
Skirt: Deep blue polkadots maxi skirt,
Shoes: Violet pink heels
Bags: Pink Hermes bag
Hat: Red hat

 Those huge heavy bags! -_-"
So, Im done with my first outfit. Justine's turn :)

My second Outfit
Top: Pink chifon sleeveless and Metalic blue blazer
Shorts: Neon shorts
Shoes: Orange and Blue clogs
Bag: Violet and Orange Seco bag

Last shot for my second outfit. :D 
And for my last outfit.
Summer Lovin' hahaha

Top: Custard cropped top
Skirt: Maxi Skirt
Footwear: Criscrossed slippers