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Linggo, Nobyembre 25, 2012

Lovely Day

 Lovely Day

Dress: Korean floral dress
Bag: Green Lawn knitted bag
Shoes: Parisian wedge

Linggo, Nobyembre 18, 2012

New stuffs. thanks mom! ♥

yeah! My mom is great! 
she bought me these stuffs today, a knitted bag, panda bag, and my awesome creeper shoes! 

A pair of Creeper shoes! this is 

Knitted bag ♥ *Green Lawn*

Black Furry Panda Bag 

Miyerkules, Nobyembre 14, 2012

A date with my bestfriend. yea. we're bestfriends, 
we're bestfriends since 3rdyear highschool. so 4years maybe? :) 
though we're not quite alike. she's simple. I'm not. :) she's nice, Im not. Im silly she's not. 
but then, we so love each other. <3
we're like sisters, back then, when we were still in highschool, we always fought. kase, hahahahahahaha! selosa ako! I'm selfish. :D I don't want other come near her. but now, yea. i changed a lil bit. hahaha. She now have boyfriend, close friends, and me, I do have other bestfriends, closefriends, but nah ah ah! one thing i do love about her, She always makes time for me,  everytime i need her, she always there for me. so do i :) 

Audrey's friends, my friends na rin :)

My bestfriend <3
My bestfriend's driver. joke. hahaha Her korean boyfriend. joke again. hahaha
ivann, my bestfriend's boyfriend.

ow! She is Tet! the cutest girl in town! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! nah' im humble. :) 

OHA! sweeeeeet! :)

ayyyyy! gandang tunay! hahahahahahahah! HUMBLE!

ow. im such a small girl -_-

yeaaaah! one of my favorites. :)

thanks for the siomai. hahahah everytime we go out, they always libre me. cuz they know. im such a freakin KURIPOT! :D