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Miyerkules, Oktubre 31, 2012

Indoor Shots "Vintage theme"

Fashion Shoot with Tin and Bie

I planned this long time ago, and then booom! thankyou sembreak :D 
okay, so the theme was Glam and Vintage thingy, lil' failure happened because i forgot to change the size. from small to medium. so these pictures were kinda you know, low reso o.O however, I'm still happy. I'm proud of myself. hahah. also I was shocked because my friends were great! LOOOK! diba? :) GORGEOUS EVER! actually this was their first time to do a photoshoot. THUMBS up! :)

Place: Im my house
Make-up artist: Me
Photographer: Me
Wardrobe: Justine and Elizabeth
Models: Justine Salva and Elizabeth Dy

MY TURN! hahahahah!

Lunes, Oktubre 29, 2012

Bida ang saya :)

Waiting for Spag.

Tadaaaa! Jollibee Spag <3 Justine's order. hahahah.

Nah' ah ah! it doesnt look delicious ayt? hahaha! okay! nevermind! :D

this! FAILED JolliSundae </3
Bubbled Ice cream! o.O 

Kim, Savoring his Spag :D

yeah! Lovin our shades <3 Pretty ayt? :)

Scripted act :D

There were kids. two girls actually, I don't know them, they don't know us either, Weird right? hahahah!
they're so sweet. they gave me and justine abrupt kisses and hugs. nah' ah! hindi naman kame kase suplada. hahah the girls were'nt dirty actually. rich kids maybe. yeah! they told us they're from manila. :) 

We're about to leave :)