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Lunes, Oktubre 15, 2012

My bebes were so sweet! they gave me this green paper with their letters on those sticky notes/papers. <3

letter from bheklog nicah. lol. yeys! thats our endearment. no malice akey? :D 

from bebe mae <3

their signatures :)

from bebefae. yeah. she's so sweet. lalo na sa personal. <3

from bebe eka. hihih. <3 i will miss her harassment. lol. 

and from my bebe keisha. <3 :) my coffee mate. hahah.

Oh! this made my birthday, i didnt expect this. i didnt expect those letters from them. This is my best birthday so far. I will miss them. i'll be transfering kase. so it seems that our everyday stuffs wont be the same na. :(
anyways. magkikita at magkakasama pa naman kami. whats the use of cellphone? facebook? duuuh! and we're in the same province. hahahaha.

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