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Miyerkules, Oktubre 31, 2012

Fashion Shoot with Tin and Bie

I planned this long time ago, and then booom! thankyou sembreak :D 
okay, so the theme was Glam and Vintage thingy, lil' failure happened because i forgot to change the size. from small to medium. so these pictures were kinda you know, low reso o.O however, I'm still happy. I'm proud of myself. hahah. also I was shocked because my friends were great! LOOOK! diba? :) GORGEOUS EVER! actually this was their first time to do a photoshoot. THUMBS up! :)

Place: Im my house
Make-up artist: Me
Photographer: Me
Wardrobe: Justine and Elizabeth
Models: Justine Salva and Elizabeth Dy

MY TURN! hahahahah!

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