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Martes, Setyembre 17, 2013

First Day Of School (FIPMAKATI)

So yeah! i'm currently studying at Fashion Institute Of  The Philippines taking up Fashion Designing. So last Saturday was my firstday. Since I'm from Laguna, I have no idea how to get there in Makati. My sweetest boyfriend accompanied me. Urrgh! Best boyfriend! <3 hihih. Moving on, My class started at 10am When i got there the teacher wasnt there yet. There were three students, since I'm friendly I approached them agad agad. hahah. And then boom! We clicked easily. Teacher James finally arrived. He's super awesome! I love how clear and how witty he teaches. He discussed all about fashion, fashion designers local to international, and so fort... We did sketching din, but after we finished that thing, He took our sketches, told that he will give those on our advance course. Our first lesson was different types of skirts. Like seriously! Ang Dami!
hahahah! Anyways, Goodluck to me. I'm gonna be a fashion designer! I claim it! My God already blessed me. :)

This is FIP's main door.

some sketches of fashion design alumnae

Mica's shot of 

Fashion make-up class corner
Awesome teachers

amazing mica 

Me, Mica and Gorgeous teacher James

different types of skirts

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