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Huwebes, Mayo 2, 2013


H*ll Yea! It's been months since i updated my blog! oh my God! It's freakin fine! I've no followers here anyway. hahahaha! so this what had happened. I attended this Korean Pop Convention Fashion Invasion 2012. An event for Kpopper here in the Philippines, well it was my first time and geeez! I had fun! I enjoyed the catwalk! and guess what! I WOOOOOOON! after catwalk they chose 2 winners for the fashion invasion segment, I didn't expect it anyway, I was busy taking pictures then boom! I heard my name, and our  stage director told me "Girl,you won!" lalalalala~ happy kid <3 I received certificate worth of 2k of Basic House Clothing. 

My chingus (friends) <3 from Laguna

So after rehearsal, I met these awesome kids <3 

This is JaeShin. no! he's not a manequin ! HE IS REAL!  LOL. 

me ate rachel, molly and trisha :)

This is Kurt Othello! and yeaaaa! if you guys know CHOI SI WON, Kurt is the pinoy version of him.


This is Paul. My crush! hahahaha <3 He's so deym cute! <3

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